Excitations Archive Cookies

Staying legal

Due to regulatory changes in Europe, the Excitations Archive Cookies policy requires you to Opt-in or Opt-out of accepting cookies.
I know, just another thing to do. We don’t use cookies to track browsing history; however, our hosting server requires cookies.
We have also dropped Google Analytics. Because Google records IP addresses and stores the information, keeping users’ private information is now outlawed in the European Union.
We are currently using Microanaylitics, which conforms to European requirements.
We don’t use analytics for the record, but our server requires analytics.

Data Security

While I’m waffling on about tracking and personal data, we don’t store any of that stuff directly on our websites. Instead, our Stock site collects email addresses when you place an order for a license. Which we only use in case of a problem with delivery. We do not directly market to you using any collected data.

As for payment details, all your information is managed by PayPal and Square, which means we never see your financial information.

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